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Single dental implants

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Replace a missing tooth with dental implants

A single dental implant is a permanent replacement tooth that consists of a titanium root implanted securely into the jaw, with a natural-looking crown attached to the top. It looks and acts just like a real tooth. Your smile doesn’t have to suffer just because you’ve lost a tooth. Neither do your eating habits. Your implant will ensure you can eat and speak as normal.

Implants not only improve the look of your smile when you lose teeth, but also restore your jaw health. Without tooth roots to stimulate it, the jawbone can weaken. However, implants perform the same function and, in this way, maintain jawbone strength and health.

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Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

The benefits of single dental implants with Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

The days of holding your dentures in place with suction are long gone! Dental implants are securely anchored to your mouth and designed to fuse with your jawbone. They’re such a safe and effective replacement for your missing teeth, that they look and act just like natural teeth. Once you’ve got used to them, they’ll feel just like natural teeth too.

  • Restore your smile
  • Permanent tooth replacement
  • Natural looking crowns
  • Securely attached and functional
  • Prevents jawbone thinning
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Our experienced implant expert can help restore your smile and smile confidence!

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic
Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic
Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic
Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

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Single dental implants FAQ’S

  • Are dental implants safe?

    Dental implants are very safe. Fitting them is a well-established, routine procedure, that we perform frequently. Once secured in your mouth, the implants won’t fall out, and unlike real teeth, they won’t decay. Plus they play a part in preventing your jawbone from the atrophy that can occur when natural teeth are lost.

  • Is surgery painful?

    You’ll be given an anaesthetic beforehand to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible when the implants are fitted. A sedative for nervous patients may also be possible.

  • How much does it cost?

    Please have a look at our pricing page to find out how much implants will cost. To help you budget for your dental care better, we offer 0% finance through Chrysalis.

  • How long will my dental implants last?

    They are usually very durable and can last a lifetime.

  • Can anyone have dental implants?

    As long as your jawbone is healthy enough to withstand the bone preparation procedure work that implants demand, you should be a suitable candidate for a dental implant. For a minimally invasive implant procedure, it’s important you come and get an assessment as soon as you can, following loss of a tooth.

  • What are the benefits to replacing missing teeth?

    Many studies have proved that people who smile more are happier and enjoy more career success. Your dental implants will not only restore your smile, but also your smile confidence! Implants are a secure and safe option compared to traditional dentures, plus they offer health benefits for your jawbone. It’s worth knowing that by maintaining a strong jawbone through dental implants, you’ll prevent your face from ageing prematurely.

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Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic
Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your patient journey

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your consultation

It’s vital that you visit us as soon as possible after losing your teeth. The quicker you can get to us, the less likely it is that you’ll require the more invasive procedure to have an implant fitted. During your consultation with us, we’ll assess the health of your jaw and be able to answer any questions you have about the treatment. Once we’ve worked out the best way forward regarding how to fit your dental implant, we’ll be able to give you a date for your treatment.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your treatment

You’ll receive anaesthetic before the procedure to ensure it’s as painless as possible. The implant will then be fitted and the gum stitched. The implant is then left to integrate and to allow the gum to heal.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic


Once your dental implant has been placed, we’ll advise you of how to best look after it while the gum heals. If you have any problems before the permanent crown is fitted, we’ll be able to help you.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

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