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Our dentists want to make it easy to correctly care for your smile, ensuring your teeth are strong, healthy and bright for the future. We offer our patients dental health checks to look over mouth, teeth and gums, identify any problems early, and share advice on boosting your oral health in the future.

Your dentist will advise you on how often you’ll need a dental health check. While some may only need an annual appointment, children are advised to attend every 6 months, and those with oral health concerns may need more regular appointments too.

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Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic


Below is a list of advantages to choosing us for your dental health check-ups:

  • Help prevent problems such as gum disease, fillings and tooth decay
  • Check-ups and diagnoses available to patients of all ages, such as X-rays
  • Free oral cancer screening is available – which could save a life
  • Hygienist-led care from our expert, Charley
  • Tips on appropriate products and cleaning techniques to maintain your smile
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Dental Health FAQ’S

  • Can anyone have a dental health check-up?

    Yes, we encourage any and all patients to attend regular check-ups to keep a closer eye on the health of your mouth, teeth and gums and potentially spot any problems early, which can make them easier to treat.

  • What are the benefits to dental health checks?

    As well as evaluating your overall health and oral hygiene, we can advise on the right techniques and products to try to enhance your smile. Our experts in West Sussex can check for signs of problems, from bite problems to stains on the teeth, and can also evaluate your need for dental restorations, such as dentures or dental implants.

  • How much does it cost?

    We price our treatments fairly and competitively. Visit our pricing page for more information.

  • How long will my appointment take?

    At our West Sussex clinic, the time of your appointment may vary between patients and cases, but we usually suggest allowing around 20 minutes for your appointment.

  • Is treatment safe?

    Yes. There are minimal risks involved with all of our treatments, though we’ll always take the time to talk you through these ahead of scheduling your appointment.

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Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic
Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your patient journey

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your consultation

A consultation allows us to take a closer look at your mouth, teeth and gums and schedule any necessary treatments.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your treatment

We’ll talk you through any treatments you may need, to ensure your mouth, teeth and gums are clean, healthy and maintained.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic


Whatever treatment you have, our experts share aftercare advice to ensure you get the best out of your smile and have all the support you need for the future.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

‘’My dental health check was quick and easy. I now have peace of mind over my smile.’’

- Lupita, West Sussex

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