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Teeth whitening

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Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to lighten your smile and target signs of dullness and discolouration. A professional whitening treatment can only safely and legally be carried out by fully-qualified dental experts who are accredited by the General Dental Council, the dental regulator.

We offer both a daytime and nighttime treatment option. Poladay and Polanight are known to powerfully brighten the smile while being gentle on the teeth. The application of these treatments, overseen by us, allows you to have convenient at-home treatment, with very reliable results.

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A yellow, stained smile can affect its attractiveness and age your appearance. Tooth whitening can restore your confidence while offering several impressive benefits:

  • Whitens uniformly, so all teeth are treated
  • Customised to your smile for enhanced results
  • Easy, comfortable and convenient to carry out
  • Guided by a dentist for your peace of mind
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Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic
Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

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  • Is teeth whitening safe?

    Our teeth whitening treatment is as safe as it is effective. However, some patients do experience some mild sensitivity, which should pass in time. You can switch to a sensitive toothpaste during this time, if you wish.

  • How long does teeth whitening last?

    It depends, as your diet (drinking red wine and coffee) and lifestyle (smoking) could impact on the longevity of your results. Some people find they need repeat treatments, while others may only whiten their smile once or twice in a lifetime. The treatment works to penetrate every groove and crevice of your teeth for exceptional results.

  • How much does it cost?

    We price our treatments fairly and competitively. Visit our pricing page for more information.

  • Can anyone have teeth whitening?

    Yes, most adults over 18 are eligible for treatment. However, we do hold a consultation ahead of treatment, to determine suitability and ensure your mouth, teeth and gums are healthy.

  • What are the benefits to teeth whitening?

    The main benefit is a brighter, whiter smile that can look more youthful and attractive. Some patients use the treatment to target tough staining and discolouration that brushing alone won’t lift.

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Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic
Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your patient journey

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your consultation

First, we assess your smile and determine if the treatment is suitable for you. We’ll talk you through the process, and you can ask us any questions you have with no obligation to go ahead.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

Your treatment

We create custom whitening trays to use at home with a strong gel. Treatment takes 1-2 hours per day over a 2-4 week period. You can use the leftover gel for a future boost, if desired.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic


We continue to offer support when you leave the practice. We advise against staining drinks/foods during treatment; a straw minimises contact on the teeth. A sensitive toothpaste may be beneficial.

Woodcroft Dental & Implant Clinic

‘’I love my new white smile. I can now feel confident in my wedding photos.’’

- Sue, West Sussex

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